Honda B16 B18 - Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold


Enjoy the complet kit with its supplied manifold and save money ! !

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Take advantage of the complete kit with its integrated collector and save money! !

Manifold for turbo mounting on Honda B16 B18 1.6L 16S et 1.8L 16S - 

Honda Civic EG6, EK4, CRX, VTi, Integra Type R B18C, etc.

Collector in 304L stainless steel, reinforced welds, 3mm thick stainless steel, extremely solid and qualitative.

Equal length of tubing between cylinders to promote flow speed.

For T3 turbo flange turbo

T3 flange (86x45mm center distance)

For Turbo T3,T3T4, GT28R flange T3,GT30, GT35, GTX30, GTX35, etc...

External wastegate socket V-Band Ø44mm.

Sold with removable wastegate shutter for internal or external wastegate assembly

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