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Adjustment kit for turbo install without reprogramming

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 Adjustment kit for turbo mounting without reprogramming

Internal fuel pump (Walbro 255l/h)
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This kit will allow you to make adjustments after fitting a turbo kit without having to reprogram thanks to the asymmetric regulator and Wideband pressure gauge.

This kit contains a Wideband Prosport pressure gauge with its 0-5V Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor and an asymmetric fuel pressure regulator.

You can optionally add the 255l/h Walbro high flow pump and the 440cc injectors (x4, x6 or x8)

The asymmetric regulator allows the fuel pressure to be increased when there is turbo pressure. ratio from 1:1 to 14:1

Perfect for your naturally aspirated engine converted into a turbo while keeping the original computer.

Example with a 6:1 setting, If you have 0.5 bar of turbo pressure you will get 6 x 0.5 bar of fuel pressure in addition to the original pressure.

That is to say 3 bars in addition to the original 3 bars. i.e. 6 bar in the ramp.

Your injectors will send a lot more fuel to match the extra air sent by the turbo.

The upper knob adjusts the base pressure at idle.

The offset wheel on the side allows you to vary the increase in fuel pressure.

Example: if your Wideband air/fuel richness gauge indicates a lack of fuel when at full load, you must then tighten this side screw to increase the enrichment at high revs.

It should not exceed 3 to 4 bar in addition to the original pressure.

A notice is provided by email for the adjustment of the asymmetrical regulator.

For the air/petrol richness adjustment, it is necessary to be at 14.7 AFR at low load and between 11.5 and 12 AFR at full load.

NB: For certain vehicles equipped with atmospheric MAP sensors (0-1bar), when switching to turbo these sensors exceed their reading range beyond 0.2, 0.3bar boost, which can lead to the engine warning light coming on see in degraded mode. In this case the objective is to keep a MAP sensor which sends a signal to the computer with a maximum voltage of 4.95v, this is possible by adding a resistor for example. Otherwise it will be necessary to plan a reprogramming with a change of MAP sensor for a turbo model (0-3bar)