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MegaSquirt EFI Controller 3-Pin - Peugeot/Citroën - 106 / 206 / Xsara / Saxo /...


Installation of a tuneable board on your OEM Ecu - Megasquirt EFI Controller

Sending of your Ecu required

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EFI Controller dedicated to PSA type TU 106, saxo, EW 206 and XSARA II - Megasquirt

Magnetti marelli 48P2 or Bosch 3 pins

We work on your own calculator, send us your calculator, within 2 to 3 weeks we will send you back your modified and fully programmable calculator, delivered with a basic MAP in order to start the vehicle to begin the adjustments.

Ideal for controlling all the parameters of your turbo conversion.

It mounts in place of your OEM ECU, controlling all the original parameters.

Therefore it is perfectly suited for versions with simplified harnesses or for removing the EGR valve on the 206 16v.


The only 100% functional box with its water temperature which mounts in the original location.

2nd Barometric sensor integrated into the case.

Control of the 2 speeds of the motor fans

Control of the 2 original lambda probes + a broadband probe

Compatible with broadband AFR

Control of the EGR valve for EW engines and this channel is used for switching to turbo for boost control or VVT for RC swaps

4 independent injector drivers with sequential injection for engines equipped with AAC sensor

Twin-static or pencil ignition for the Xsara 167cv

Slow motion valve step by step

AAC sensor for EW 16v, GTI and 180.

DA pressure switch

CAN bus with MUX PSA emission


Micro USB-C cable provides


Launch control


Boost by gear

ARM processor

Possibility of connecting an EGT with correction and safety loop.

Possibility of adding a Flex fuel sensor for a real E85 assembly.

Possibility of installing an optional bridge to control a motorized butterfly, the wiring will be followed in this case.

Everything is accessible without limits through the TunersTudio software