BMW N54 - Stage 2 - 550+hp


Stage 2 twin-turbo kit - plug n play - for BMW N54 engines


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BMW stage 2 twin-turbo kit with N54 engine.

For models N54B30 :

2006–2010 E90/E91/E92/E93 335i

2007–2010 E60/E61 535i

2007–2010 E82/E88 135i

2011–2013 E92/E93 335is

Details of the parts in this kit:

- Hybrid twin-turbo kit, plug n play assembly, TD04, forged compressor wheel, remanufactured compressor body. (Given for 700hp)

- EVO 2 intercooler

- 304L stainless steel catless downpipe (LHD/RHD compatible)

- 2" intakes, double cone air filters

- Charge pipe with dump valve Ø50mm

- NGK step 2 cold spark plugs

- Walbro 550LH fuel pump compatible with E85 with BMW connection

- PCV valve with cap

- Aluminum thermostat body (replaces the original plastic which leaks over time)

With these parts, it is entirely possible for E85 to exceed 550hp.

This kit does not include reprogramming, our customers are free to opt for MHD, JB4, or other reprogramming by a technician of your choice.

Beyond 550hp we will reach the capacity limits of the direct injection system. To go beyond 600hp, especially with E85, it will be necessary to use an additional injection with a specific intake manifold and its injection rail, 750cc injectors as well as a double low-pressure fuel pump system. These modifications will allow you to reach the limit of turbo hybrids this time (700hp). At these power levels, it is reasonable to forge the lower end.

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