TOMEI Type - Adjustable fuel pressure regulator


Supplied with black gauge

Band : 0 to 8 bars

For setup up to 450 Hp !! 

Easy to install

Differents colours available, choose your favorite one on the right of the picture.

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TOMEI type adjustable pressure regulator with black background manometer

Adjustment range from 0 to 8 bar.

Simple installation thanks to the supplied mounting kit:

- mounting plate + fixing screws

- 2 x 8mm diameter male connectors for easy assembly of the hoses.

- 2 x AN8 male fittings

  This regulator will allow you to precisely lower or increase the fuel pressure arriving at your engine.

You will be able to optimize your air/fuel mixture in order to reach the desired power without mapping.

He will be the ideal partner for the installation of engine optimization: turbos, large injectors, intake manifold, etc...!!!

For a pressure increase, possibility of mounting it in series (on the return hose to the tank) of the original regulator.

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