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Kit V-Band 3"
  • Kit V-Band 3"
  • Kit V-Band 3"
  • Kit V-Band 3"

copy of Kit V-Band 3" - 76mm - Clamp + 2 centering rings


Stainless steel, very resistant. High clamping force.

For 3" V-band rings

Inner diameter of the rings = 76mm or 3" 

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Set of two rings with V-Band stainless steel centering and a V-Band stainless steel collar.

V-Band assemblies offer the ability to quickly assemble or disassemble your exhaust system while ensuring a perfect seal, without the need for additional seals.

This welding kit consists of two flanges with centering, designed to be welded on your exhaust pipes, as well as a collar to connect the whole. It can also be used when installing a turbo using V-Band fitting technology.

All components of this set are made of stainless steel to guarantee exceptional durability, optimal resistance to multiple assemblies and disassemblies, as well as protection against corrosion, even under extreme conditions such as high temperatures at the turbo output.

Ring inner diameter = 76mm , 3"

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