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Pipercross Viper - Universal Dynamic Intake

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The Pipercross Viper Universal Dynamic Intake, featuring a matte carbon finish, provides an excellent solution when custom installation is necessary and no specific options are available.

It comes with reducing adapters from 88mm to 75mm, from 88mm to 70mm, and from 88mm to 65mm.

This system delivers a large volume of fresh air to your engine, captivating sound, as well as a surprising increase in torque and power. Additionally, the filter is designed to last the entire lifetime of your vehicle!

This setup draws external air through a flexible hose and benefits from thermal insulation provided by carbon. It offers true forced induction, enabling rapid delivery of fresh air directly to the engine intake, much more efficiently than conventional competing systems. Air acceleration is achieved through the VORTEX reverse cone technology.

Filter cleaning is required every 7,000 to 10,000 kilometers. (Consider our maintenance kit.)

Before placing an order, please ensure that the dimensions of your engine compartment allow for the installation of this intake:

Inlet diameter: 88 mm

Box length: 19.5 cm

Box diameter: 15 cm

Hose length: approximately 1 meter