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BMW M20 - STAGE 2 - Kit without Turbo - 2.0L to 2.5L 12v

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Approx. 70hp gain. Easy to install.

Prefer stage 3 kit for higher power gains.

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BMW M20 PREMIUM 2.0L to 2.5L 12s turbo kit

Gain of 70hp max. Beyond that, you will need more coins. For more reliable gain, see the pro kit.

Easy to assemble, this Stage 2 is an excellent compromise between price/assembly time/performance.

There's not enough ? upgrade to PRO KIT

For people who do not wish to reprogram ECU or install a standalone ECU, we offer an adjustment kit for your turbo conversion.

Have fun!

- Replace your gauges in your kit with those from the ProSport range. To do this, simply add the Prosport option to your basket.

- Replace your pressure gauges in your kit with those from the digital ProSport EVO range including AFR Wideband and its 0-5V Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor (essential for monitoring your combustion). To do this, simply add the Prosport EVO option to your basket.

Turbo kit for models:

1977–1981 E12 520

1979–1983 E21 320 323i

1982–1984 E28 520

1982–1988 E28 520i

1983–1994 E30 320i 323i 325 325i

1988–1990 E34 520i 525 525

Premium kit parts list (up to +70hp)

- Specific stainless steel exhaust manifold

- Specific stainless steel exhaust downpipe

- Avia hose and oil connections for the turbo

- Front intercooler 530x170x60 (or 450x300x76 or 600x300x76 of your choice to be specified when ordering)

- Universal intercooler tubes, stainless steel collars and braided silicone hoses

- Turbo pressure regulator

- Variable fuel pressure regulator

- Dump valve with its connection for fixing to the tubing in 63mm

- Submerged Walbro fuel pump with high flow rate 255L/H

- Turbo pressure gauge (with T and hoses)

- Oil pressure gauge (with probe)

- Oil temperature gauge (with probe)

- Air/Fuel ratio pressure gauge (to be connected to the original lambda probe)

- Exhaust gas temperature gauge (with probe)

- Detailed and illustrated instructions for mounting a turbo kit and settings (basic mechanical skills to carry out the assembly)

NB : Modification should be done to the downpipe to fit in RHD cars

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