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AFR WIDEBAND/Voltmeter - 2 in 1- Prosport Gauge - LCD - Ø52mm - Bosch LSU 4.9 Sensor

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Ensure to have a precise air fuel mixture thanks to this specific Air fuel gauge with its wideband lambda sensor.

Allow you to correctly set your engine contrary to the classic lambda gauge hooked on your stock narrowband lambda sensor. 

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Delivered with Bosh LSU sensor, mounting hardware and instructions.

Easy fit.

5 wires : +12v constant power, +12v accessory power, ground, +12v headlight power (for day/night color change),  sensor


Its tinted look allows discretion in the cockpit when the ignition is off. 


Allow to know in real time your AFR.

With this gauge you could be richer or leaner if required with a FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator)

Usefull for lots of engine tuning ( air filter, exhaust, injectors, ...)


Be carreful don't go too lean, it will overheat your head. Engine damage possible. For a maximum of security, tuning should be adjusted with an EGT gauge. 

You will know in real time the rich air / fuel mixture of your. Unlike AFR plugged onto the origin lambda sensor, the gauge is supplied with a wideband lambda sensor bosch very accurate. It'll measure your mixture  from 10 to 20 AFR for setting an tuned engine, Ø52mm.


Graduations : LED + Digital AFR value in the middle, electrical gauge - Ø52mm 


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